Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally sick...

After being surrounded by sick people for like...three weeks.
So close to the end of the battle, but they found me! Ahhh.

Last night I took night-time cold medicine for the first time in ages.

Knocked me out good, mmmhmmm.

So, this is the end of first semester.

Yay us.

Who's excited about VASE?!  Yeaaaah.

My birthday went fine. If you decide to go see The Unborn, you will laugh, as it is laughably bad.

Unless you are Alice. Alice screams.


Note: If you know any seniors from our school with a blog that is not listed on The Momma Blog, please let me know so that I may add them to the blog archive.

I'm going to add Tom, Zeke and Maria's when I get the chance. If I miss anyone or if your link is not working, just post a comment on this blog [this being mine, not the momma blog] to let me know.

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