Monday, September 7, 2009

Week two is go.

For my 2D class, I am doing this assignment involving photography (I'm not a huge fan of photography, but this assignment is okay) and we have to take pictures of textures and colours found on Eat Street (a street that has a ton of restaurants, haha).

We're using these photos to make a set of 8 little books. It's pretty cool. Learning how to use InDesign and stuff...

Can't wait until I get assignments that don't involve photography though...

(My Media 1 class is also doing photography assignments, but I don't like those because they're more about photography than design...I mean I guess they're both connected but eh.)

I'm on my second essay for my English class, and I have some sketchbook assignments for drawing. I love drawing, and my teacher.

Art history has been smooth sailing as well.

I want to visit BTW, and also my elementary school!

In time, I guessss.