Friday, October 16, 2009


TGIF, I love Fridays. No classes!

Olivia left this morning to go to Dallas for the weekend.

So I'm here by mahself oh goodness. So far I've gotten tons of stuff from the art cellar, made some pasta, and lurked around the building. (People have classes, I keep forgetting that.)

I'm excited about going to the movies sometime this weekend. Where the Wild Things Are! Definitely.

How is everyone? I've heard from a few BTW seniors that they're interested in MCAD.

That is super awesome, I'm excited to know that. If you guys have any questions, you can ask me. Most def. (I'm not exactly pro at MCAD, but I will doooo mah best to be helpful and informative.)

And you guys have blogs up! Glorious! I will be checking those, too.

Get it get it. ♥

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