Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So the MCAD Art Sale is happening in November, I'm going to be doing three digital prints!

I have to make two of them, and test print the smaller one...but once I get the images done, I'll post them. They will most likely be printed on nice matte finish paper (I'm not a huge fan of semigloss...but if you request a semigloss/other finish print, I'll do it.)

If anyone is interested in buying these, I will totes print+mail. Just let me know. [:

Check back eventually for more info, it'll be a while before I get these done.


Nancy said...

teehee i am stalking you on the internets.
and i want to a buy a print!

it's so amazing that you are pursuing your art career! i am lucky to know you. :3
i hope everything is going tres bien.

linda. said...

NANCYYYY! I love you! Aww everything is peachy, babydoll. I will let you know when the prints are up. <3

Nancy said...

I love you too dear! I am glad things are going well. Do let me knoww. :] How are you enjoying the cold? kehehe.

linda. said...

I'm adjusting pretty well, actually! Wearing shorts in 50 degree weather and everything. When it starts getting cold ferreals I'm sure I'll be begging for warm weather, hahaaa. Oh lawdie! I sent you a letter, by the way! Let me know when you get it. <3 Hopefully I didn't mess up the addy. C: