Monday, January 25, 2010

Little things, here and there.

Spring Semester, gogogo.

I'm taking
FDN Drawing 2 (Figure drawing, basically. Or figures in space...anyway I'm excited.)
FDN 3D. (Oh boy...our instructor built his own boat. And house. And tower for his house...)
Media 2 (This will be glorious.)
Reading and Writing 2 (We're reading a lot of Darwin's stuff, and will be going on a lot of "field trips"!)
Intro to Art and Design History 2 (New teacher, smaller class.)

It's barely started and I barely have time for anything! Ah.

Oh, I found this nifty piece of wood on the free shelf.

I'm gonna do an art-nouveau-ish (I love me some Alphonse Mucha) little drawing on it...
I don't really paint (rather, I've never really done any painting...nor do I own paints), but I do have paint markers. Lots of them. Well, we'll see how it goes.

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