Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ohhhh lovely lovely semester two-
Complete with sleep-deprived iron-deficient ass-kicking action.


MCAD is doing a thing with Allina Hospitals (lolololOlivia)
and we're drawing stuff...for their hallways. Fun times.

Went to a life-drawing co-op for the first time Monday night to do homework for my drawing class, and it's actually pretty sweet.
On days when I am not too exhausted, I think I will try to drag myself over to the studio and do more of those. Figure drawing is glorious.
I will document/post some work soon. Yessir!

Valentine's Day is coming up! What sweet stuffs are you guys going to be up to, eh?
I will be cooking/consuming plenty of foods.
The best activities, I think.

To all the BTWHSPVA lovelies, HOW'S Y'AAAALLLL?

Here is a doodle until I get some actual work on my computer.

And how!


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Nancy said...

Did you draw the girl?! SO CUTE. :]]